Cryptocurrency trading should mean more than just exchanges!

Yensesa offers crypto-backed services such as loans, savings, investments and online payments.
Yensesa Wallet

You can exchange your crypto to fiat using your Yensesa wallet and withdraw to bank or mobile money account in less than 5mins.

Yensesa Savings

You can buy and save different digital assets with Yensesa in a form of savings to attract monthly interest rate.

Yensesa Loans
Yensesa Loans

Your trading history & KYC on Yensesa allows us to offer you loans in your local currency without the need to sell your digital currency.

Merchant Payments
Merchant Payment

Are you a merchant? Yensesa allows your customers to checkout with cryptocurrencies and you get fait in return.


Secure Crypto Wallet
Secured Digital Currency Wallet

Your digital assets are secured on the Bitshares. Launched in 2015, BitShares Blockchain implements an industrial-grade technology focused on businesses, organizations and individuals.

Instant Crypto to Fiat Exchange
Instant Crypto to Fiat Exchange

Instantly withdrawal your cryptocurrency at any time to your bank or mobile money account with the smallest transaction fees ever.

Verified Customers (KYC/AML) with Credit Score

Verify your account to increase your withdrawal limit and build your credit score to access loans.

Secure Crypto Wallet
24hr Loan Approval

Receive your loan in less than 24hrs using our fully secured and automated loan approval process.


Merchant API

Accept payment for your goods & service in crypto and get paid in fiat instantly

Why Choose Yensesa

High Level Security

Yensesa is a fully operational instant exchange, savings and lending platform with seamless user experience, military-grade security with 256-bit encryption and built on the Bitshares blockchain.

Regulatory Compliance

Yensesa adheres to the strictest KYC and AML global compliance standards. This allows us to be within the law and comply with it at all times in Africa.

Lowest Fees Ever

Yensesa comes with the lowest fees ever on your exchanges and loans. You also get additional 20% discount whenever you pay your fees in Yensesa tokens (YENT).

Lifetime Affiliate Earnings

Earn a lifetime 5% recurring commission on exchange fees we collect from your referrals.

Supported Currencies

We support major crypto curreincies across the world

Get started with Yensesa and build your credit score